Professional Certification & Training Committee

The Professional Certification and Training Committee provides guidance on professional certification policies and educational topics for the training and certification programs offered to the industry.

The committee's input was key in restructuring WQA's distance education into its current modular, online format. In the last few years the committee has also overseen the completion of several new certification exams and has been focused on improving the end-user experience with the new online training.


  1. Manage the tasks of WQA relating to education, professional certification, seminars and other information in support of members needs (does not include data collection for matters relative to market development, consumers or trade shows)
  2. Provide semi-annual reports to the Board of Governors

What We Are Looking For:

  • Individuals with the ability to speak to the technical training needs of industry personnel for the various job roles (sales, treatment system configuration, installation, service)
  • Individuals with the ability to provide insight on existing training processes used in dealerships and by manufacturers
  • Individuals with the ability to offer technical guidance on accuracy and timeliness of existing WQA materials
  • First-hand familiarity with WQA's Professional Certification and Modular Education Programs
  • WQA-certification is not a requirement

Frequency of Meetings:

  • In Person Meetings: WQA Convention & Exposition,  WQA Mid-Year Leadership Conference
  • Conference Call: approximately once every 2 months

Staff Liaison: Professional Certification & Training Director Tanya Lubber

Look for the next open Call for Volunteers in January 2021.

Committee Roster

NameCompany NameRole
Gregory ReynekeRed Fox AdvisorsBOD Liaison
Kelly R. ThompsonMoti-VitalityChairperson
DS Services of America, Inc.Member - 1st Term
Matthew G. MahanySoft Water Specialists LLCMember - 1st Term
Michael B Blum, Sunrush WaterMember - 1st Term
Michael D. HeatwoleWater-Right, Inc.Member - 1st Term
Peter S. Cartwright, PECartwright Consulting CompanyMember - 1st Term
Ryan SowaGreat Lakes International, Inc.Member - 1st Term
Jeff KnedlerHempy Water Conditioning, Inc.Member - 1st Term
Clifford L. FasnachtPacific Purification Inc.Member - 2nd Term
Candice M. WentlingCertified ActionMember - 2nd Term
Douglas C. HaringClack CorporationMember - 2nd Term
Tanya Lubner, PhDWater Quality AssociationStaff Liaison
Thomas J. BruursemaWater Quality AssociationStaff Observer
Daniel LeBlanc, Jr.Water Quality AssociationStaff Observer
John C McCartanWater Quality AssociationStaff Observer
Vikas ThusooEnvirogard Products, LimitedVice Chairperson