Instructor-Led Installer Training (U.S. PT/MT zones)


Session B, offered in a time slot convenient for U.S. Pacific/Mountain time zones

Businessman Clifford L. Fasnacht and Get Water Answers founder Paul Friot teach this class, which is based on the Certified Installer Training Pathway. Water treatment installers who complete the 21-week course and all associated homework and have at least six months field experience in installation will be eligible to take the Certified Installer exam.

Course Competencies

  • Understanding and applying a safe workplace, including appropriately using Personal Protective equipment.
  • Installing equipment according to Local, State, Federal Plumbing Codes and manufacturer instructions.
  • Identifying water softeners, filters, disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis; their basic application, installation, and start-up procedures as per manufacturer and code requirements.
  • Installing equipment in the correct direction of flow and treatment train sequence.
  • Verifying equipment performance is to spec and training end-user on operation and maintenance.
  • Using selected tools to measure, create piping connections, fastening supports and hangers.
  • Using water test reports, manufacturer manuals and related plumbing code references.
  • Identifying product certification standards and claims.
  • Applying the guidelines in the WQA Code of Ethics.

This is one of two concurrent sessions. If you’re interested in a class with a time slot more convenient for people in the U.S. PT/MT zones, see the Session A event listing.

You can also visit our Instructor-Led Trainings page for more information.

via Zoom
Start Date:
January 12, 2023, 09:00am CST
End Date:
June 08, 2023, 10:00am CST