What You Wish You Could Know About PFAS


PFAS and its family of chemicals have become well-known for what we don’t know about their impact on human health and clean, safe drinking water.  To help our members and water stakeholders navigate these waters, WQA and WQRF will provide on-going education, communication and touchpoints dedicated to this important topic throughout 2023. 

On Thursday, March 9, plan to join us for, “What You Wish You Could Know About PFAS”  where we will look at what the water industry knows about making drinking water safer.  This panel discussion will feature experts from the water filtration industry, representing a variety of technologies that have been established as effective in the removal of the PFOA/PFAS family of chemicals. 

This webinar is free.

Join us for a presentation and discussion featuring:
Jonathan Burkhardt, PhD – US EPA
Larry Gottlieb – ResinTech, Inc.
Adam Redding, PhD – Calgon Carbon
Peter Cartwright, MWS, PE – Cartwright Consulting

Presenter: Larry Gottlieb

Larry Gottlieb is President & Chief Technical Officer of ResinTech, a US manufacturer of ion exchange products based in Camden, New Jersey.   A thirty-year veteran of the water treatment industry, Larry is responsible for research and development, quality control, and technical support for all ResinTech media products.   Larry was the driving force behind ResinTech’s investment in the laboratory and R&D resources necessary to identify and remediate PFAS contaminants. Today, ResinTech is a leading provider of ion exchange solutions for PFAS remediation. ResinTech’s Lab Services division employs over 20 technologists in their 6,000 square foot laboratory and can identify over two dozen distinct species of per and polyfluoroalkyl substances at the part per trillion level.
Larry holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and is a board member of the Water Quality Association (WQA) and ASTM International Committee on Water and Environmental Technology.​

Presenter: Adam Redding, PhD​

Adam Redding, PhD, is the technical director for drinking water solutions at Calgon Carbon.  He has worked in the activated carbon industry since 2008 in applications involving municipal, industrial, and food & beverage water treatment. Adam completed his Ph.D. in environmental engineering at Penn State University in 2008.  Adam’s M.S. and Ph.D. degrees focused on predicting the performance of activated carbons for the removal of emerging contaminants from drinking water. 

Presenter: Peter Cartwright, MWS, PE​

Peter entered the water purification and wastewater treatment industry in 1974 and has had his own consulting engineering firm since 1980. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in Minnesota. Peter provides engineering expertise in all areas of water and wastewater treatment, as well as market investigations and serves as an expert witness. He has authored over 300 articles, written several book chapters, and lectures around the world.  He is a patent holder in the water/wastewater industry.

Start Date:
March 09, 2023, 11:30am CST
End Date:
March 09, 2023, 12:30pm CST