Business Operations Committee


The Business Operations Committee provides insights and recommendations to the WQA Board of Governors on providing business operations training for WQA members and others in the water treatment industry. The committee helps develop and implement a Board-approved strategic plan for business operations training through online training sessions, executive training, and the annual WQA Business Boot Camp.

Committee Charges:

  1. Provide insights and recommendations to the Board of Governors as it relates to business operations training (i.e. programs, webinars, member benefits, etc.).
  2. Aid the development and implementation of a Board-approved value proposition for business operations training.
  3. Aid in the development and implementation of a Board-approved strategic plan for delivering business operations training to WQA members and non-members utilizing the following platforms: Executive Business Operations Training, Convention Business Operations Training, Boot Camp, Online Business Operations Training.
  4. Identify speakers, content, and delivery of business operations platforms and business operations training sessions for any platform as needed.
  5. Develop and maintain a certificate of completion including business operations training topics from Convention, Boot Camp, online business operations training, WQA Essentials webinars, and other WQA business operations training topics.
  6. Explore and recommend creative options for delivering business operations training topics such as, but not limited to, collaboration with state and regional WQA meetings or programs.
  7. Review satisfaction survey results from business operations training programs and recommend improvements and new ideas for future programs.

More Information

We’re Looking For

* WQA member individuals representing all categories 

* Enthusiasm about the purpose and benefit of supporting WQA

* Futuristic, visionary and strategic thinkers

Key Skills/Experience

* Excellent communication skills

* Relationship-building skills

Meeting Frequency

In Person:  WQA Convention & Exposition, Mid-Year Leadership Conference

Virtual: Monthly 

Staff Liaison: Membership and Development Associate Director Heather Duve

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