Regional State & Government Affairs Committee


In addition to monitoring legislation at the federal level, WQA stays on top of legislation being considered in various states across the country. The Regional & State Government Affairs Committee:

• Deciphers confusing state legislation and provides guidance for the membership. For example, Government Affairs efforts passed legislation to create a specialty license in Colorado. Additionally, the Regulatory Info Search Database houses current legislation and regulations.

• Provides recommendations on the association’s advocacy agenda. Specific recommendations have included WQA participate on regional & state coalitions, partner with other organizations, and target specific states and state agencies.

• Keeps membership informed on proposed state legislation and regulations. Provides monthly updates and year-end reviews of the governmental landscape.

Committee Charges:

  1. Manage the efforts of WQA with respect to any legislative or regulatory matters that impact the industry
  2. Coordinate with the Water Science Committee with respect to the development of standards and with respect to the development of WQA positions on issues that required scientific input
  3. Provide semi-annual reports to the Board of Governors

More Information

We’re Looking For

* WQA member individuals representing all categories (e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, allied) and sectors (residential, commercial, industrial)

* Passion for governmental advocacy with a willingness to participate in legislative outreach events

Key Skills/Experience

* Experience addressing local and state regulatory issues and reviewing draft legislation or rules, but not required

* General knowledge of technical issues affecting our industry

* Good written and verbal communication skills

* Relationship building – meeting with government officials and joining coalitions

Meeting Frequency

In Person: WQA Convention & Exposition, WQA Mid-Year Leadership Conference

Virtual: As needed

Staff Liaison: Global Government Affairs Director Jeremy Pollack

​Visit for information on signing up to serve on a WQA committee or advisory council.