THRIVE Advisory Council


THRIVE focuses on uncovering diverse talent, ideas, and experiences; providing equitable access to growth opportunities; and creating inclusive engagement within the water treatment industry and WQA.

Join THRIVE to:

1. Develop insights and recommendations for training and knowledge opportunities drawn from industry survey aggregated results and other applicable data.

2. Develop and maintains a mentoring model whereby individuals in the industry will gain valuable insight, make crucial industry connections and become a force to create positive impact for the industry.

3. Create buzz and engagement to promote diverse talent, ideas, and experiences at WQA events and participating shows.

4. Develop recommendations for promoting diverse talent, ideas, and experiences in all WQA volunteer opportunities such as task forces, committees, sections and Board of Directors.

5. Provide semi-annual reports to the Board of Directors.

For more information, contact one of the following staff liaisons:

​Visit for information on signing up to serve on a WQA committee or advisory council.