Business Excellence FAQs

The WQA Business Excellence (BE) program boosts credibility with customers, allowing members to showcase their expertise while reinforcing top performance-based standards for their employees and the products they sell.

Among the features is new a logo to visually underscore business excellence among our members. The new program will single out members who make a special commitment to business excellence and the values of WQA.

  1. Question: What is the purpose/value proposition of the program?

    Answer: The BE program will differentiate companies in the marketplace, boost credibility, exhibit ethics, reinforce performance based standards, and advance the betterment of water quality.

  2. Question: What are the program qualifications?

    Answer: Must be a member (in good standing) of WQA, sell certified products, and have certified professionals.

  3. Question: Who can participate in the program?

    Answer: Dealer and Manufacturer/Supplier members.

  4. Question: How many certified products are required for the application?

    Answer: The application will ask for three, regardless of the size of your company. Only one is required.

  5. Question: How many certified professionals are required for the application?

    Answer: Regardless of the size of your company, only one certified person is required.

  6. Question: What are the benefits of participating in the BE Program?

    Answer: Some of the benefits include: Press release template, prepare social media postings, recognition (WQA’s website, e-News, and Convention Program Guide), digital assets (usage of logo on promotional material such as website and business cards, etc.), certificate, and decals.  A complete list can be found on the website.

  7. Question: Is there an application fee?

    Answer: The annual application fee is based on the number of accounts (primary + sub-accounts).  The fee for one account is $500, for two to three accounts the fee is $750. For more accounts, please visit the website.

  8. Question: Is the application fee annual?

    Answer: Yes, the application fee is annual.  It is an anniversary fee (based on when you joined the program).

  9. Question: Does the program require an audit?

    Answer: No

  10. Question: How can I apply for the program?

    Answer: You can apply for the program and find a complete list of details on-line at