High Purity Water Treatment Education for Service Professionals


Elevate your experienced service personnel to professionals capable of critically evaluating treatment system performance. This Web-based, virtual classroom program focuses on acceptable procedures for system installation, troubleshooting, and professional conduct. It teaches the right approach to solving problems in the field and reducing the trial-and-error learning that high-risk jobs cannot afford. In addition to topics on system installation and troubleshooting, students will learn the culture of various industries using high-purity water, the importance of proper documentation, and other valuable tips so they can professionally represent themselves and their employer.

The program consists of 27 recorded PowerPoint presentations, provided for download online. Click here for the list of episodes.

Who should use this training?

The High Purity Water Treatment Systems Course is appropriate for:

  • Service personnel currently working on or planning to work on High Purity treatment systems

  • Technical sales professionals

  • Facilities managers

  • Industrial water system operators

  • Applications engineers 



The course may be purchased individually or in bulk by contacting WQA at 630 929 2508 and education@wqa.org.



WQA Member Price 

Non-Member Price

High Purity Water Treatment Systems Course
(27 one-hour presentations)



Individual presentations

$60.00 each

$90.00 each

5 or more individual session or course purchases

Please contact WQA to order, (630) 929-2508 or education@wqa.org.

 15% discount

15% discount 

About the course designers and instructors

 The WQA Industrial High Purity Water Education Program is the culmination of numerous years of work by the volunteers of the Industrial Education Task Force. The task force members and course instructors have a minimum of 15 and as much as 40 years in the field. The instructors include:

  • James W. Baker, NuSream Filtration

  • Wayne Bernahl, W. Bernahl Enterprises, Ltd.

  • Peter S. Cartwright, P.E., MWS, Cartwright Consulting, Co.

  • Ernesto Castro, Global Custom Water Services, LLC

  • Christopher Gallagher, Applied Water Solutions, Inc.

  • Keith Huebner, Global Water Services

  • Michael J. Schaefer, MWS, PE

  • Larry Zinser, Master Water Conditioning, Corp.