Recordings and presentations from the 2018 WQA Convention and Exposition


Treating Water for Beer Brewing
Treating Water for Coffee
Biofilm: Formation, Effects, and Treatment
Increased Use of Chloramines as Secondary Disinfectant
Taking It All Out: Ensuring Sufficient Contact Time in Adsorptive Media Treatment
Unintended Consequences of Chloramines as Disinfectants in Public Water Supplies
The Case for Progressive Flow Systems in Commercial Applications
The Water Quality Component in the New WELL Building Standard
Treatment Sizing Challenges in Water Treatment for Poultry
Water Quality Parameters for Poultry
Water Systems Management: Let the data run the show!
Are Softeners and Corrosion Linked? Summary of Latest Research
Chlorides, Corrosion, and Regulatory Environment
Corrosion Mechanisms
Results of a Chrome VI Pilot Study
Maximizing Efficiency in Residential IX Softeners
Proactively Addressing Chloride Discharge in Residential Systems in the Field
Unintended Consequences of Ion Exchange Treatment
Hollow Fiber Membranes for Bacteria and Legionella Removal
Innovation in Residential RO Recovery
PFCs - An Overview
PFOA/PFOS Regulations at the State Level
Toxicity of PFCs: How did we get here from there? Key messages for water consumers regarding PFAS in drinking water
Treatment Options for PFCs and Emergency Preparedness for Emerging Contaminants
Cleaning Wells and Treatment Equipment After a Flood
Determining Sources of Lead in Private Wells
Don’t Forget to Disinfect: Developing a Strategy to Address Microbiological Contamination in Private Water Systems
Homeowner Perception and Behavior Following an Elevated Arsenic Result
Pumps 101 - Wells & Represurization
The Benefits of Working with Public Health Departments and University Extensions
Wells 101 - Location, Protection, Components
Strontium Reduction by Water Softeners
The Smartphones of Water Disinfection – How Micro UV-C LED Systems Can Increase Accessibility to Public Health Protection
Best Practices for Effective Process Filtration Planning
Creative and Practical use of Reverse Osmosis Systems in Commercial Applications
Scale Prevention Technologies for Commercial Applications
Single Pump Filtration Design
WQRF Emerging Technology Benchmarking Research Project Update


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