Accelerated Paths


Accelerated Pathways to Certification Q&A



Q. What are Accelerated Paths to Certification?


A. Accelerated paths are streamlined training paths in the WQA Modular Education Program (MEP) intended to shore up knowledge and skills for water treatment professionals with two or more years of experience in the field. 



Q. How do Accelerated Paths differ from Full Paths?


A. Full paths are intended as onboarding tools. They ensure that someone new to the industry not only learns about contaminants and treatment options, but also what products and services their company offers, company culture, and company expectations and processes related to customer service. Accelerated paths exempt the learner from those activities related to onboarding and focus more on advancing knowledge of contaminant behavior, drinking water regulations, and treatment application.


Q. How does the number of hands-on activities in the Accelerated Paths compare to the Full Path?

A. The number of hands-on activities is reduced, based on which of the Accelerated Paths and certification title is selected. For example, the expectation is that those engaged in sales for two or more years will have already learned how to conduct a test for hardness, so the hardness testing activity is not included in the accelerated paths. Likewise, installers with two or more years of experience pursuing the Certified Installer title do not need to complete ride alongs or supervised installations.


Q. If I'm following an Accelerated Path, how can I be sure I'm not missing out on any information that would help me prepare for the certification exam?

A. The study guides on the Testing page list the topics covered on each exam. All MEP subscribers have full access to the Online Knowledge Base, where they can read more on any of the topics in the study guide beyond the activities they completed in the MEP. The Online Knowledge Base is accessible by clicking the toolbox icon in the upper right hand screen of the MEP website (laptop/desktop) or launch it from any elearning activity in the program.


Q. How can I tell if I'm eligible for an Accelerated Path?

A. Use the graphic below as a guide or complete the Accelerated Paths survey.


Q. What proof of experience do I need to submit when signing up for an Accelerated Path?

A. Your current employer (or, for business owner, a colleague) needs to complete a Recommendation Form. Submit the form with your enrollment.


Determine which Accelerated Pathway is Right for You:

The flow chart below shows the different paths that a member can take based on their experience in order to be eligible for WQA's professional certification examinations.

*Assessment test will be part of the Accelerated Basics Module. The fees for the different paths vary. Please see the table below for details.

 ​ Full Path  Accelerated  Accelerated + Already Certified 

Certified Water-Treatment Representative (CWR)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Sales Modules)

Certified Water Specialist (CWS)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Design Modules)



Certified Installer (CI)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Installation Modules)

Certified Service Technician (CST)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Service Modules)
Bold = Core Member Pricing
Normal = E-Member Pricing
Italic = Non-Member Pricing
Pricing valid through 12/31/19

Certified Cooler Technician (CCT)
(Includes Basics, Fundamentals, Cooler Tech Modules)

All pricing is for a 1-year subscription and does NOT include exam fees

(NOTE: Due to precautions related to COVID-19, the WQA Professional Certification & Training team is working remotely and cannot accept orders by fax or mail. Credit card orders may be placed over the phone. Please call John McCartan, WQA’s Training & Programs Coordinator, at (630) 955-1589).