How the Learner Benefits from the Modular Education Program

The Modular Education Program (MEP) can help a learner progress much more efficiently than only studying books, or attending lectures, or just on-the-job shadowing. The result is a better understanding of the content and stronger ability to implement the new knowledge on the job.

The curricula are layered to first provide a basic explanation of contaminants and treatment options and practice with simple aspects of water analyses such as performing a hardness test and interpreting the results. From there, the explanations grow in complexity, building on earlier materials.

With each new concept, the learner is given the opportunity to read through some background materials, test his/her understanding of the reading with an online assessment, and try out the concept in the field to understand how the information presented in the reading applies to on-the-job activities. The built-in mentoring interaction helps insure the learner is correctly applying the new concepts.

The bite-sized courses that make up the MEP take the intimidation out of learning and are easier to build into a work day. The built-in opportunity for practice helps reinforce and implement the new concepts.