Onboarding Tools

A strong onboarding process sets up the employees and the business for success. WQA's onboarding tools help those new to the water treatment industry grow their confidence in providing the right solutions for customers.
Use the table below to select the best onboarding tool based on onboarding goals and whom you need to train. 

Onboarding Goals

Onboarding Tool

Who's it for?

Price (Core/Emember/Nonmember

  • Understand why water treatment is needed
  • Understand why water testing is needed
  • Learn how to determine what concentrations of contaminants are allowed in drinking water
  • Gain familiarity with types of contaminants and treatment products
  • Understand product certification standards and process
  • Become familiar with the Water Quality Improvement Industry Code of Ethics

Introduction to Water Contaminants & Treatment Course

  • Office staff
  • Marketing staff
  • Inhouse sales staff
  • Plumbers
  • Well drillers
  • Environmental Health personnel


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  • Recognize ethical dilemas
  • Understand ethical decision making
  • Review case studies for common ethical dilemas in the water treatment industry
Ethics Course All industry personnel


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  • Provide understanding of contaminants, application, operation, and sizing of water treatment equipment for engineers and other in-house technical staff

Water Treatment Design Course

  • Inhouse engineering and technical staff
  • Environmental Health personnel


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  • Understand need for water treatment and testing
  • Practice identifying water problems
  • Practice water testing
  • Understand effects of aesthetic contaminants
  • Practice explaining benefits of water softening
  • Become familiar with three common treatment processes: ion exchange softening, reverse osmosis, and media filtration

Assessing Water Quality

  • Sales staff
  • Service/Tech support staff
  • Plumbers
  • Well drillers


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  • Understand appropriate procedures for installing POU and POE water treatment equipment
  • Understand plumbing code requirements related to POU/POE installations and drain connections
  • Understand backwashing and drainage requirements for treatment equipment
  • Understand equipment sequencing
  • Identify various plumbing valves, fittings, and effects on water flow and pressure
  • Practice joining copper and plastic pipe
  • Practice installing water treatment equipment with and without supervision

Installation - Instructor-led Course

  • Installers
  • Plumbers
  • Well drillers


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