Benefits of Gold Seal Product Certification

Peace of Mind - WQA Certification provides end users, retailers and regulators the benefit of knowing that the an accredited third party has evaluated not only a product’s capability of passing rigorous testing according to industry standards, but that the process in which certified products are made is reproducible.  This process allows users the peace of mind that a company is continuously monitored and can only maintain certification if their manufacturing process remains consistent.

Multi-faceted Certification - Not only are the products tested extensively to evaluate things such as the structural integrity, the product’s ability to reduce contaminants and the safety of the materials that come into contact with water, but the literature is also reviewed to ensure that it meets a specific set of requirements as well.      

Buying Power - A certified product bears a distinguished Mark indicating that the product has undergone evaluation and testing to verify that the product will perform as the certified claims indicate.  The Gold Seal and Sustainability Mark provide consumers a very simple way to recognize products that will perform the way the packaging indicates it will.

Consumer Protection – There is no doubt that the infrastructure for most municipalities is old and requires billions of dollars of upgrades.  While the facilities themselves provide water that in many cases exceeds drinking water requirements, the path to the end user is not always as exemplary.  Final Barrier is a solution to this problem.  Certified products allow for consumers to target the specific contaminant issues with confidence that the product does what it claims it will do.

Regulatory Requirements – Some states or local cities have specific regulations in place that require certification for the ability to sell legally in that jurisdiction.  CA has passed new legislation that will require an ANSI accredited certifier issue certification to products making health claims before they can be legally sold in CA.  If a products is certified by WQA, you can be assured that it will also be safe for purchase in California.

Monitoring Consistency – WQA’s programs do not issue certification and allow for that certification to remain untouched indefinitely.  The programs conduct annual inspections to verify that the products being manufactured are not only being consistently made, but are made in the same way as the product was built when it underwent testing and evaluation. 

Benefits of the WQA Sustainability Certification Program

  • WQA has been recognized for more than 50 years as a leader in the field of product certification for the drinking water treatment industry.

  • By participating in this first-of-its-kind environmental labeling program for the water treatment industry, you can demonstrate leadership in the marketplace on behalf of your company and its products.

  • It allows you to promote your environmental achievements on products and literature to retailers and consumers.

  • It helps your company decrease costs by eliminating waste and inefficiency.

  • It minimizes regulatory and liability risk by eliminating hazards in the workplace and reducing the environmental footprint of your products.

  • The ground-breaking WQA Sustainability Standards were developed through intensive collaboration with manufacturers and sustainability experts.

  • Industry-sponsored voluntary certification programs often preempt the establishment of mandatory, typically more onerous, government regulations.

  • Conducting a Life Cycle Analysis of your products can be costly and time-intensive, but the WQA Sustainability Standards already incorporate elements of a Life Cycle Analysis for your product category, thereby eliminating the need for you to make a separate investment.

  • WQA's points-based standards allow you to pick and choose from a menu of sustainability choices, customizing your efforts to best suit your circumstances and sustainability goals.

  • WQA will guide you through the certification process with personalized consultation, including a resource library of materials. We can provide case-studies on the benefits of embracing sustainability and template environmental policies and reports to help you comply with the requirements of the standards.