Gold Seal Usage Guidelines

The Gold Seal Trademark distinguishes products that have obtained third-party certification from WQA from those that have not. It also assures customers of the adherence to the industry standards. WQA takes the integrity and prestige of the Gold Seal Trademark very seriously; any deviation from the mark's usage guidelines can create confusion and damage the Association's reputation.

The Gold Seal Trademark may only be displayed on products currently appearing in WQA's Product Certification Listings, or by companies that have received written confirmation from WQA to use the Gold Seal. It may not be displayed by any of the following:

  • Companies with products that are not currently listed in the Gold Seal Program or who have received written notification of de-listing. 
  • Companies that are members of the WQA, but do not have any products listed through the Gold Seal Program. 
  • Companies, retailers, distributors, etc., that purchase already certified products and sell the products under their own name without obtaining separate certification. 
  • Companies for which the specified certification period has expired. 
  • Companies that do not agree to adhere to changes in WQA's product certification standards or policies 
  • Companies with products that had previously appeared in the WQA Product Certification Listings, have since been removed due to nonpayment of fees, violation of the Gold Seal Certification Policies or Certification Agreement, or for other reasons.

A comprehensive guidance on the proper and improper use of the Gold Seal Trademarks can be found in WQA's Gold Seal Logo Policy.

Unapproved Use of the Gold Seal

Unapproved use and misapplication of the Gold Seal Trademark is expressly prohibited. No company or person shall apply or display the Mark in connection with a product, or represent in any way that the product is certified, without written authorization from WQA's Product Certification staff. 

In the event these guidelines are violated, WQA retains the right to direct the user to cease use of the WQA Gold Seal Trademark, and may sue to enjoin misuse by any user, to recover actual and punitive damages. It is the right of WQA to determine whether these guidelines have been violated or whether the Gold Seal Mark has been misused.

The following companies are currently using the WQA Gold Seal in an unauthorized manner:

  • A Better Filter of the U.S. 2020
  • Atlantic Environmental Systems of Canada 2021
  • Clean Wave Products of Canada 2018
  • Clear Genius of the U.S. 2021
  • Coral Premium Water Filters of the U.S. 2015
  • Eagle Water of Canada 2019
  • Elite Water and Air of Canada 2020
  • EvoClear of the U.S. 2013
  • Fabfill Filters of the U.S. 2021
  • GTA Water of Canada 2019
  • Home Pro Solutions of the U.S. 2021
  • House Spring Technologies Ltd. of the U.S.  2022
  • of the U.S. 2021
  • Kadyn Plus of Malaysia 2014
  • Kontec of the United Arab Emirates 2013
  • Natural Springs Water Filtration of the U.S. 2015
  • Ningbo HO Water Purification Technology Inc. of China 2021
  • NuWater of the U.S. 2020
  • One Purify of the U.S. 2015
  • Pristine Solutions International of Canada 2015
  • Pure Lux H20 of the U.S. 2020
  • Pure Pro of Japan 2012
  • Simpli Water Sales LLC of the U.S. 2021
  • Sino-well of Shanghai 2019
  • Steripure of the U.S. 2011
  • Swift Green Filters of US and Canada 2019
  • Velara, Inc. of the U.S. 2013
  • Water Pro LLC of the U.S. 2021

If your company is listed above and you would like it to be removed from the violation list, please contact WQA's Product Certification Department at or 630-505-0160.