Complaints and Appeals

WQA has established a process for handling product-certification-related complaints from customers, consumers or other sources.

These complaints typically fall into one of three following categories.

  1. Allegations that a company that offers WQA-certified products has misused the WQA Gold Seal or Sustainability Mark and/or made misleading claims regarding the performance of certified products. 
  2. Allegations of fraudulent use of the WQA Gold Seal or Sustainability Mark by a company that does not offer WQA-certified products.
  3. Dissatisfaction with WQA's processes or quality of service.

All complaints are handled by WQA's Product Certification Quality Department. If you would like to file a complaint, please contact Quality Manager Tambra Thomas at or 630-929-2541. >In addition, you may also email the following address, for complaints or for appeals.

Once a complaint is received, WQA will acknowledge the complaint in the form of an email to the complainant. Efforts will be made to resolve the complaint in a timely manner and inform the complainant of the outcome of the process. If the complainant finds the decision unsatisfactory, he or she may file an appeal at the email address indicated above for appeals.

SCC is the final level of appeals for disputes with WQA regarding conformance to accreditation criteria as it applies to Canadian requirements.