Volunteer Opportunities for Product Certification Clients

Product Certification Advisory Council

Council Charges:

  1. Provide feedback to help WQA align its product certification standards with the needs of the water quality improvement industry. The scope includes standards applicable to the Gold Seal Certification Program, and standards applicable to the Sustainability Product Certification Program. 

  2. Provides advice on how to prioritize new standard-development activities and make continuous improvements so that the resources available for developing and updating standards are directed towards areas that will provide maximum value WQA-certified companies. 

  3. Serves as a technical resource for WQA staff to evaluate standards or certification related topics and/or their effect on the industry.

  4. Provides semi-annual reports to the Product Certification Forum.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Industry professionals who are employed at a company that currently has at least one certified product listed with WQA (required)

  • Strategic thinkers with an in-depth understanding of the water quality improvement industry

  • Individuals with problem-solving and technical writing skills

  • Experience in the development of product certification standards

Frequency of Meetings: Twice per year (at WQA Convention & Exposition and Mid-Year Leadership Conference)

Staff LiaisonProduct Certification Director