Other Educational Offerings from WQA

Online Knowledge Base

WQA's online Knowledge Base offers access to a wealth of information on POU/POE water treatment to WQA members and MEP participants. Technicians in the field and office staff now have immediate access to a wealth of valuable information previously available only in WQA textbooks.

Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment Information

WQA offers a variety of resources to help learners understand the types of water applications that exist in the commercial and light-industrial markets, including applications for commercial laundries, boilers, cooling towers, multi-story buildings, dialysis, and process water. Our suite of educational resources includes the following items:

  • Commercial Education Module 1: Commercial Sizing, Plumbing Design and Applications (textbook)
  • Commercial Education Module 2: Tank-Based Systems (textbook)
  • Training On The Go: Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment (collection of audio presentations)
  • High-Purity Water Treatment Webinars