X -Rays

1. Electromagnetic radiation with a very short wavelength (0.01 to 12 nanometers), shorter than ultraviolet radiation.  2. An image created by short-term exposure of an object to x-rays used in spectrometry analysis and medical therapy.

X-linked (Ion Exchange)

See Cross-linking.


Polyethylene that, by cross-linking via irradiation of linear polyethylene with an electron beam or gamma radiation, or with a chemical cross-linking agent, such as benzoly peroxide, is made to be a non-toxic thermosetting (remains solid upon heating) white solid with superior strength and durability, high temperature and pressure resistance, and inertness toward chemical attack and corrosion.     Cross-linked polyethylene pipe and tubing is accepted by many plumbing codes for potable water distribution within buildings. It is flexible (bend radii of six times or greater the outside pipe/tubing diameter) and can be used in place of polybutylene (PB) water pipe.

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