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WQA Expands Training Program for Water Treatment Sales Personnel

LISLE, ILLINOIS – Responding to the water treatment industry’s clear need for greater technical sales-training offerings, the Water Quality Association (WQA) has added a new Sales Certificate to its Modular Education Program (MEP). The coursework builds upon the MEP’s Basics and Fundamentals programs to prepare water treatment sales professionals in diagnosing water issues and selecting treatment solutions.

The Certificate program focuses heavily on helping salespeople build credibility and trust with the customer. It provides step-by-step training through a combination of background reading, online quizzes, hands-on practice and interaction with a mentor. Learners will be instructed in selecting the proper technologies and products to meet the customer’s needs, proper sizing of water treatment systems and how to prepare for sales calls.

“Sales personnel commit the company to fulfilling their promises,” explains Dr. Tanya Lubner, WQA director of Education & Professional Certification. “When sales personnel do their job well it makes the installer’s job easier and ensures that the system will be properly sized and applied, ultimately resulting in a happier customer.”

For learners interested in professional certification through WQA, the Certificate will also serve as a prerequisite to the Certified Water Treatment Representative examination, which, after April 2015, will replace the existing Certified Sales Representative designation.

For more information on training your sales staff through WQA, click here or contact the Education & Professional Certification Department.