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Homeowner video captures apparent door-to-door scam in Houston, Texas
Video captures encounter; reveals scare tactics 

LISLE, Ill. –The Water Quality Association (WQA) is calling attention to individuals claiming to be from WQA going door-to-door in the Houston, Texas area, passing themselves off as water inspectors or offering to test a homeowner’s drinking water.

A consumer notified WQA of a solicitation and recorded the encounter on video:

Door to Door video

WQA has been made aware of numerous complaints over the summer in which homeowners in various parts of the country have been approached by individuals who claim to be from the WQA offering to test their water or trying to sell a water treatment device. 

“The Water Quality Association does not solicit door-to-door, period,” said WQA Executive Director Pauli Undesser. "WQA has a strict code of ethics for our members and for manufacturers of water treatment products. We don’t use scare tactics to generate business." 

WQA recommends homeowners have their water tested by a water treatment professional or certified lab. Water treatment professionals can be found using WQA's Find Water Treatment Providers tool. WQA recommends treatment products that have been certified. Consumers can visit WQA’s product certification listings to search WQA’s database of certified products and professionals. 

WQA is a not-for-profit trade association representing the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment industry. Since 1959, the WQA Gold Seal certification program has been certifying products that contribute to the safe consumption of water. The WQA Gold Seal program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).