News Releases

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is now accepting proposals for educational presentations to be made at WQA Aquatech USA 2015. Each proposal must include a title, abstract, presenter contact information, session format, and time required for the presentation. While original works are strongly preferred, topics modified from materials previously presented at other venues will also be considered.  


Speakers are being sought on the following topics:

  • Basics of Water Testing & Analysis (Residential POU/POE)
  • Basics of Filtration (Residential POU/POE)
  • Understanding Plumbing Codes (Basics)
  • Safe Drainage: Drain Size, Cross-Connection Control (Basics)
  • Ion Exchange Basics
  • Residential RO Operation & Troubleshooting
  • Surface Active Treatment Media (Basics)
  • Water Disinfection (Basics)
  • Opportunities in Car Wash Applications
  • Opportunities in the Agricultural Water Market
  • Marketing of WQRF Research Findings
  • Fracking Regulations Related to Water
  • Water Reuse in Beverage Manufacturing
  • Educating Consumers About Water Quality - What Works
  • Capacitive DI: Technology & Application
  • Anion Exchange - Resin Selection, Pretreatment & System Sizing Considerations

Please email all proposals to WQA's Education Department at Contact Dr. Tanya Lubner at 630-505-0160, with questions. Click here for more information.