RISE Advisory Council (Young Professionals)

Through RISE, young professionals in the water treament industry gain access to resources, information, and connections to develop skills to exceed at the next level.

Join RISE to:

  1. Provide information and data regarding new workforce trends to member companies.
  2. Develop new insights and recommendations for training and knowledge opportunities requested by the next generation workforce.
  3. Develop and maintain a mentoring model to help young professionals gain valuable insight, make crucial industry connections and create a positive impact for the industry.
  4. Create buzz and engagement for young professionals at WQA events and participating shows.
  5. Develop the next “bench” for WQA volunteer opportunities such as task forces, committees, sections and Board of Directors.

Watch a video replay of the Young Professionals Advisory Council (now known as RISE) meeting held online during the 2020 Mid-Year Leadership Conference. Watch here (requires Member log-in).

​Visit wqa.org/volunteer for information on signing up to serve on a WQA committee or advisory council.