News Type: Podcast

  • Controller discusses key financial data for dealers

    Our guest on the WQA Radio podcast this week is WQA Business Boot Camp presenter Dustin Martin, the controller at Martin Water Conditioning, who gives us a preview of his presentation and workshop at Boot Camp. Martin talks about key financial statements any dealer should track, along with such important data points as inventory levels, time on the road, and marketing, along with a six-step process for filtering through your data and applying that to your goals.

  • Gold Seal product certification highlighted on WQA Radio

    WQA’s Gold Seal Product Certification Program takes the spotlight in this week’s WQA Radio podcast. Kyle Whalen, associate director of business development, and Abigail Cain, certification operations manager, are special guests.

  • Convention Keynote Speaker is guest on podcast

    Convention Keynote Speaker Mae Stevens, Senior Vice President of Banner Public Affairs joins us on the WQA Radio podcast this week to discuss the recent infrastructure bill, how this is a unique moment in Washington for the water industry, and what the political landscape looks like in the next few years. And she’ll give us a preview of that convention speech, too.

  • ‘Seize the Momentum’ at WQA Business Boot Camp

    Candice Wentling, MWS, director of Certified Action, discusses WQA Business Boot Camp in this WQA Radio podcast. Wentling is one of the WQA members who’s been putting together the topics and speakers for this year’s Boot Camp, to be held April 17 in Las Vegas. She explains how this exclusive, intensive, personal training will help you “Seize the Momentum” with new marketing and financial tools.

  • PFAS Symposium featured on podcast

    Callie Matheny, the Water Quality Research Foundation’s Operations Manager, discusses the upcoming PFAS Symposium on this week’s episode of WQA Radio. The April 17 event focuses on strategies and solutions for dealing with PFAS contamination in drinking water.

  • Water Systems Council Advocates for Well Industry

    Joining us on the latest episode of WQA Radio is Margaret Martens, executive director of the Water Systems Council, which works on behalf of well drillers and others in the water well industry. Martens talks about their programs and policy initiatives as well as common points of interest with the water treatment industry.

  • Key marketing takeaways from Boot Camp

    The importance of a digital marketing strategy is the topic of this week’s WQA Radio Podcast. Our guest is Amanda Crangle, founder of Lamplight Digital Media, who will be presenting at WQA’s Business Boot Camp April 17 in Las Vegas.

  • WQA Radio offers guide to Convention education

    This week’s WQA Radio podcast tees up Convention Education – all of the sessions you’ll want to consider at this year’s WQA Convention & Exposition. Your guides are John McCartan, WQA Training and Programs manager, and Peter Cartwright, MWS, PE, of Cartwright Engineering. Cartwright is Chair of the Technical Education Task Force.

  • Yeggy’s annual contaminant predictions on WQA Radio

    WQA Technical Affairs Director Eric Yeggy joins WQA Radio for his annual contaminant predictions show. He looks back at the challenges the industry faced in 2022 and offers his forecast for what will likely be the top issues we will face and how point-of-use and point-of-entry providers can respond.

  • The value and role of ethics at WQA

    Kim Redden, MWS, of Pentair, who chairs the new Ethics Communications Task Force at WQA, talks about the group’s new communications plan designed to help members understand the value and role of the WQA Code of Ethics and why it’s such an important part of being a member of WQA.