Questions to Ask


Making an informed decision when selecting a water treatment system can be difficult. WQA has compiled several questions you might ask your water treatment professional before making a purchase.


  1. Are you certified by WQA as a Certified Water Specialist, Certified Sales Representative, or Certified Installer?
  2. Do you have a contractor’s license, business license, and liability insurance (if these things are required in your area)?
  3. How long have you been in business, and who can I call for a referral?
  4. Has a third-party organization certified the performance of the products you offer?

Water Tests:  

  1. What do my water testing results show?
  2. How do I know that the test results cover the main contaminants of concern for my home? Could the test be missing something?
  3. Do these results indicate health hazards in my water?
  4. Do the water quality issues in my home require whole-house treatment, or will I be okay with a single-tap or other Point-of-Use device?
  5. Will you provide free follow-up water testing a few months after installation to ensure that the equipment is doing its job?

Treatment Options:

  1. Will the device you’re recommending treat enough water to accommodate my family’s needs?
  2. What is the total purchase price, and how much more can I expect to pay to maintain the system each year?
  3. Will you be installing and servicing the device? Is that free, and if not, what will it cost?
  4. Can I maintain the system myself? Will you show me how to do this?
  5. What type of warranty comes with this product?
  6. How will I know if the equipment is operating correctly?
  7. What secondary effects might this water treatment unit have on my water quality? Any byproducts?