October is Professional Certification month. Gain greater confidence and credibility with customers.

Professional Certification


WQA certification is a voluntary credentialing process that demonstrates a commitment to high professional standards, strong expertise and improved customer service.

WQA Instructor-led training puts you on the pathway toward
professional certification

Instant Credibility

Earning a professional certification title brings many advantages:

  • Increased knowledge
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Credibility with customers
  • Competitive advantage
  • Promotional tools
  • Sets an example for employees and colleagues
  • Increases professionalism of one’s company and the industry
  • Saves time and money by reducing errors in the field and the resulting call-backs
  • Allows managers and business owners to focus on strategic goals by empowering employees to make day-to-day decisions in the field

“The WQA Certified Water Specialist (CWS) education program is one of the most . . . comprehensive ways to give someone who has never been in this industry enough knowledge to compete competently in our field.”

Kelly R. Thompson, MWS, CI

President, Moti-Vitality

Professional Certification Titles

Certified Water Treatment Representative (CWR)

For professionals selling and configuring treatment options for aesthetic contaminants.

Certified Water Specialist

For professionals selling and configuring treatment equipment and multistage treatment trains for residential problem water applications.

Certified Installer

For professionals placing POE and POU water treatment in residences; focuses on safe installation, code compliance, and general water treatment equipment knowledge.

certified service technician

Certified Service Technician

For field professionals servicing POU/POE residential treatment systems; focuses on troubleshooting and correcting underlying problems.

Certified Cooler Technician

For professionals installing point-of-use coolers and reverse osmosis systems at business and residential locations, as well as troubleshooting and serving existing systems.

Certified Treatment Designer

For those in business-to-business sales and support, technical sales, technical support, or others involved in maintenance of water treatment technologies and equipment.

Master Water Specialist

This advanced certification reflects broad experience in treatment design for health-related contaminants and problem water applications.

Promotional Toolkit

You put hard work and many hours into earning your professional certification title. Now it’s time to share that news with your customers to give them the extra peace of mind when they invite you to come work in their homes. Check out our Professional Certification Toolkit now.