Resource Type: Recorded Webinar

  • 2023 WQA Annual Volunteer Summit

    Dozens of WQA members gathered for the Volunteer Summit, an opportunity to celebrate and showcase each committee and advisory council’s unique 2023 goals and accomplishments, as well as look ahead at 2024.

  • PFAS and Forecasting the Regulatory Landscape

    “PFAS and Forecasting the Regulatory Landscape” is the third webinar in a series focusing on PFAS impacts on drinking water. The webinar starts with a summary of the 2023 PFAS Symposium, then WQA’s Government Affairs team recaps comments submitted to the EPA on proposed PFAS regulation. Epidemiologist Linda Dell of Ramboll, a global environmental consultancy…

  • What You Wish You Could Know About PFAS

    This webinar, “What You Wish You Could Know About PFAS,” looks at what the water industry knows about making drinking water safer. The panel discussion featured experts from the water filtration industry, representing a variety of technologies that have been established as effective in the removal of the PFOA/PFAS family of chemicals: Jonathan Burkhardt, PhD…

  • What You Wish You Could Unknow about PFAS

    The Water Quality Resource Foundation set off a year studying the PFAS family of chemicals with this webinar, “What You Wish You Could UnKnow About PFAS.”

  • Sustainability Comparison: Centralized Treatment Upgrades and POU/POE Treatment for Small System Compliance to the SDWA

    This webinar is presented by Kaycie Lane, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Practice in the College of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nebraska. She discusses her WQRF-funded study, which examined the sustainability of POU/POE devices compared to upgrades at small centralized water systems for Safe Drinking Water Act compliance.

  • 2022 Midterm Election Update

    A Webinar featuring former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt The Water Quality Association and Former Majority Leader Dick Gephardt discussing the latest from the 2022 Midterm Elections, the 118th Congress, and the impact on the water treatment industry.

  • Volunteer Summit 2022

    WQA members share their volunteer group’s unique 2022 goals and accomplishments and give a brief look ahead to 2023.  Learn how WQA volunteers are helping advance the industry – and where you could join in!

  • Economic Outlook

    This presentation covers the general conditions of the U.S. economy and look at key economic trends, including in certain sectors. In particular, there is a focus on the employment situation and inflation. Also covered, is the role of monetary policy and prospects for the economy going forward. Our guest speaker, David Oppedahl, is Senior Business Economist…

  • WQA Essentials: Appreciation in the Workplace

    Join us to learn about Appreciation in the Workplace from Julie Hietala, Director of Human Resources, Packard Culligan Water. This is part of the WQA Essentials webinar series. 

  • Getting Up to Speed on Emerging Contaminants

    Regu P. Regunathan, PhD,discusses different categories of contaminants, their potential for health effects on humans and their relevance. He also covers the EPA’s Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule, occurrence data (where it exists) and treatment process or devices that can be effective in reducing these contaminants.