Fracking Lifecycle 


Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as “fracking”, is a method used in the oil and natural gas industry for extraction of methane and hydrocarbons to be converted into energy. Fracking allows for extraction in areas that were previously unattainable due to rock formations not being permeable enough for conventional methods. The recent ability for horizontal drilling has greatly increased the efficiency of oil and natural gas extraction, and increased the use of fracking. This type of well can extend horizontally from the drilled opening in the formation, in any direction, reaching farther than the traditional method of vertical drilling. Although it is important to note that the fracking process can also be used to stimulate drinking water wells too, the purpose of this technical bulletin is to gain a preliminary understanding of fracking in the oil and gas industry. This will help to better evaluate the potential impacts on our water resources and how the water treatment industry can help.