Topic: Contaminants

  • What You Wish You Could Unknow about PFAS

    The Water Quality Resource Foundation set off a year studying the PFAS family of chemicals with this webinar, “What You Wish You Could UnKnow About PFAS.”

  • Yeggy’s annual contaminant predictions on WQA Radio

    WQA Technical Affairs Director Eric Yeggy joins WQA Radio for his annual contaminant predictions show. He looks back at the challenges the industry faced in 2022 and offers his forecast for what will likely be the top issues we will face and how point-of-use and point-of-entry providers can respond.

  • Guidance for Sanitizing Residential Water Treatment Systems

    This document provides general guidance and information for water treatment professionals who may be called upon to sanitize drinking water treatment systems used within a home or business environment after a prolonged period of stagnation due to building vacancy, flooding, or similar potential contamination events. For example, this guidance would be appropriate when assisting customers […]

  • General Guidance for Water Treatment Professionals on Proper Maintenance of Treatment Systems as Shelter-in-Place Orders are Lifted

    This document provides general guidance and information for water treatment professionals who may be called upon to assist customers with bringing vacant buildings back online, such as when the Shelter-In-Place orders due to COVID-19 are lifted. It addresses the activities necessary to bring the potable water supply treatment systems (treatment systems) in the building back […]

  • Member discusses value of training and profession certification

    Adrian Cavlan, owner of Quality Water in Aptos, CA, is our guest on this week’s WQA Radio podcast. Cavlan explains what prompted him to sign up for WQA’s instructor-led training, the advantages he has experienced working alongside others, the difference it has made in his grasp of technical issues and how he sees the overall value of WQA’s training and professional certification program.

  • WQA offers tips for Houston Boil Water precaution

    The Water Quality Association offers suggestions and information for consumers in the wake of a Boil Water Notice issued Sunday for Houston, Texas, after a power outage reduced water pressure in the city’s primary water system below the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s required minimum. The city says it had no evidence water was contaminated but issued the notice as a precaution. 

  • Water filtration offers solution to lead contamination

    As replacement of lead service lines across the country continues to see delays, the Water Quality Association recommends the utilization of certified water filtration products as a cost-effective solution to reducing lead contamination in homes immediately. 

  • Bacteria & Virus

    Microbial and organic contaminants can’t always be detected through sight, smell or taste. You might go years before realizing a problem exists.  Although some waterborne microbes can cause illness, many microbes are harmless or even beneficial. Very small levels of microbes are naturally present in many water supplies, but some are more dangerous than others. […]

  • Trends Report: International Performance and Reduction standards

    This report investigates countries we are aware of discussing performance/reduction standards requirements as itrelates to drinking water treatment units through regulations or other initiatives. There are also country profilereports includes regulations and resources WQA is aware of pertaining to specific countries.

  • WQA Offers Drinking Water Resources for Hurricanes

    Flood resources, including a video called “Five Things to Know About Water After a Flood,” are available from the Water Quality Association to help ensure a safer water supply during severe flooding expected with Hurricane Ian.