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  • WQRF Emerging Contaminant Webinar

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  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Fact Sheet

    Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process where water and contaminants are separated by passage through a thin semipermeable membrane. The membrane creates a barrier between water molecules and chemical or microbial contaminants as high-pressure forces water through the membrane, leaving contaminants behind. RO systems can remove most organics, metals and nitrate but are often used in succession with activated carbon and UV light for increased efficiency and for removal of inorganic compounds. This multibarrier approach eliminates a wide variety of contaminants that no single system can fully address.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light Fact Sheet

    Ultraviolet (UV) light utilizes radiation disrupting cellular DNA to kill microbes but is not utilized for removal of chemical contaminants. This treatment tool is generally used as a final step in reverse osmosis (RO) systems to improve the efficiency of microbe removal originating from the source water or that may grow in the POU system over time. All units require some level of routine maintenance, which may include cleaning and sanitizing and filter or light changes. In addition, some units require professional installation with associated labor fees.

  • Getting Smart with Reverse Osmosis Systems

    This booklet contains information appropriate for those who manufacture, sell, install, and maintain residential reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems. Homeowners, regulators and legislators may also find it useful. In producing this guidebook, the Water Quality Association (WQA) leveraged the advice of respected industry professionals and the latest in scientific research. The Water Quality Association’s “Getting […]

  • Reverse Osmosis Market Trends Report

    The WQA Reverse Osmosis (RO) Market Trends Report for under-counter RO systems manufactured and sold to the U.S. and Canada is now available for WQA Core and Premier Members. Report Participants If you are an RO manufacturer who is participating in the report, click here to log in to your RO Market Trends Report account. […]