Topic: water softeners

  • WQRF Softeners and Septic Performance Toolkit

    Water softeners and septic systems are often found on the same property and, in the majority of these cases, no problems are indicated. Yet, there have been sporadic, mostly anecdotal reports of issues related to the combined use of these kinds of equipment at some sites. Experts in both fields are working together to better…

  • Water Softeners and Corrosion

    A common misperception in the water treatment industry is that water softeners make water more corrosive. This paper examines the latest science on this topic and reaches the conclusion that a properly configured water softener does not make the treated water more corrosive.

  • Water Softener Brine Disposal to Septic Systems

    An estimated 20 percent of homes in the U.S. are served by septic systems, and many of these homes also use water softeners. Due to the widespread use of water softeners with septic systems, it is important to understand the impact that water softener discharge has on septic tank system performance. Several research studies have…