Audience: Manufacturer

  • Manufacturer/Supplier Confidence Report

    The Water Quality Association Podcast takes a look at the new Manufacturer/Supplier confidence report, as we talk with long time water industry member Sean Caughron, a former manufacturer and now a business coach.

  • EPA Rule on PFAS

    The Water Quality Association Podcast dives into the new PFAS regulation, featuring three WQA experts.

  • Trends Report: U.S. Landscape of Consecutive Systems

    A resource that reviews the nexus between Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulations and the nexus between treatment and in Consecutive Systems and Building Water Systems (BWS).

  • WQA Podcast focuses on industry history, success

    The latest episode of The Water Quality Association podcast focuses on the significance of history within the water treatment industry, as we mark WQA’s 50-year anniversary as a trade association. We’re joined by DJ Shannahan, past president of WQA, along with his father, Duke Shannahan. We talk about their family’s multigenerational legacy, how they evolved…

  • The Future of PFAS

     “The Future of PFAS” looks at EPA regulation, disposal management, the future of destruction technologies and how to create a more sustainable path forward in treating the “forever chemicals” in our water. Presenters are Ashley Greene, EPA; Cindy Frickle, EPA; David Trueba, CEO, Revive Environmental; and Angela Rodriguez, Ph. D, Applications Engineer, Calgon Carbon. WQRF…

  • WQRF Research Update: PFAS Surrogate Study

    We discuss the recently completed PFAS Surrogate Study. Dr. Madjid Mohseni will join to explain the investigation into the development of surrogate compounds that will cover multiple PFAS for product certification testing of water treatment media specific to POU/POE products. WQRF is hosting Summer School, a series of free webinars offered monthly, May through August.…

  • WQRF kicks off ‘Summer School’ series

    Free monthly webinars focus on hot topics in water LISLE, Ill. – Free monthly webinars geared to stakeholders in water quality will kick off next week, sponsored by the Water Quality Research Foundation. Each WQRF Summer School session offers 0.1 Continuing Professional Development credit toward recertification for WQA-certified water treatment pros. Class is in session…

  • WQA Congressional Fly-in

    Get the latest news on the Healthy H2O Act and all the issues discussed with legislators and regulators during two days in Washington, D.C., last week in the latest episode of The Water Quality Association Podcast. Josh Greene, Corporate Vice President — Government, Regulatory and Industry Affairs for AO Smith, gives us an insider’s perspective…

  • Collins, Pingree honored for industry support

    Water Quality Leadership Awards announced during Summit LISLE, Ill. – U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) have been honored with Water Quality Leadership Awards for their work to improve access to safer, healthier drinking water across the country. The presentations came during the annual Water Resources Congressional Summit, hosted by the…

  • More tips on using AI in marketing

    More tips for using Artificial Intelligence in marketing your water treatment business comes to you in this week’s Water Quality Association Podcast.