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This course addresses best practices, treatment equipment operation, premise plumbing systems, safe drains, pressure loss, and installation procedures. Successfully completing this one course qualifies you to take the Certified Installers exam.

Cliff Fasnacht
Paul Fiot

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21-week course

2 hours/week

Classes start the week of June 11
Offered at two different times for East Coast/West Coast convenience


8–9am ET/6-7am PT


10-11am ET/8-9am PT

Upon completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understanding and applying a safe workplace, including appropriately using Personal Protective equipment.
  • Installing equipment according to Local, State, Federal Plumbing Codes and manufacturer instructions.
  • Identifying water softeners, filters, disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis; their basic application, installation, and start-up procedures as per manufacturer and code requirements.
  • Installing equipment in the correct direction of flow and treatment train sequence.
  • Verifying equipment performance is to spec and training end-user on operation and maintenance.
  • Using selected tools to measure, create piping connections, fastening supports and hangers.
  • Using water test reports, manufacturer manuals and related plumbing code references.
  • Identifying product certification standards and claims.
  • Applying the guidelines in the WQA Code of Ethics.
  • Awareness of on-the-job hazards, protective equipment, and company policy related to chemical handling, electricity, and confined spaces
  • Understanding of the role of water in daily lives, hydrologic cycle, and the benefits of water treatment
  • Awareness of local codes and regulations related to installation work, permits, and where to find information
  • Understanding of premise plumbing configuration, the role of pressure, what contributes to pressure loss, measuring flowrate, and what contributes to peak demand
  • Understanding the role of the well pump, the pneumatic tanks, the role of pressure in distribution systems, and factors contributing to pressure loss
  • Understanding the properties of different materials in the distribution systems, proper methods of joining and supporting
  • Recognition of DWV piping and its role
  • Understanding the dangers of cross connections and how to avoid them
  • Understanding of best practices for installations, from arriving on site to clean up
  • Understanding the operation of a water softener, pre-treatment needs, the steps and procedures in a softener installation, and the reason for appropriate settings
  • Understanding the operation of oxidizing filters, contaminants treated, regeneration options, and the appropriate steps in installation
  • Understanding the procedures for mixing solutions and triggering injection pumps
  • Understanding the operation and uses of POU RO and filters and procedures for installation
  • Recognition of several common treatment train configuration
  • Recognition of common problems encountered during installation and how to resolve them
  • Understanding of what customers need to know to use and maintain equipment, appropriate responses to customer questions, and when to refer questions to others in the company

Printable PDF listing the course curriculum and course policies.

Cliff Fasnacht

Clifford L. Fasnacht

Clifford L. Fasnacht built Dougherty Pump & Drilling Inc., a general engineering and service business, and Pacific Purification Inc. a service and custom manufacturing business. His clients have ranged from mega corporation giants who include fertilizer manufacturers, aerospace companies, pharmaceutical manufactures, and water treatment companies to private home owners.

He is past president of the Pacific Water Quality Association (PWQA) and serves on several task forces and education committees for the Water Quality Association.

Paul Fiot

Paul Friot, MWS, CI, CWR

Paul Friot, MWS, CI, CWR, has 45 years of experience in water treatment as an independent dealer in Massachusetts.

He is a WQA Master Water Specialist, Certified Installer, Certified Water-Treatment Representative, and holds a U.S. patent for an arsenic removal process. 

He recently started a new business, Get Water Answers, which provides consumers and water treatment dealers with help understanding water test results or water problems they find challenging.

Installer Training Course



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Course Format:


2 hours/week

21 weeks





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