Resource Type: Publication

  • Final Barrier: A Better Solution For High Quality and Healthier Drinking Water

    Final barrier treatment is technology installed at the final point where water can be treated before it is consumed. Whether your home is supplied by a community water system or a private well, final barrier treatment devices are a great way to ensure quality drinking water is available.

  • Trends Report: International Performance and Reduction standards

    This report investigates countries we are aware of discussing performance/reduction standards requirements as itrelates to drinking water treatment units through regulations or other initiatives. There are also country profilereports includes regulations and resources WQA is aware of pertaining to specific countries.

  • Chloride Handbook

    The Communication Resources on Chloride Handbook, developed as a WQA member benefit, is a guide to aid communications with government officials and other interested parties regarding chlorides. It is a collection of resources and information designed to support members, as well as to provide an education and solid grounding on chlorides for all interested parties, including […]

  • Nitrate in Drinking Water FAQ

    The principle sources of nitrate contamination in water are thus fertilizers, animal waste and septic tanks. The water supplies most vulnerable to nitrate contamination are in agricultural areas and in well waters having a close or hydraulic relationship to septic tanks. Nitrate in drinking water can be responsible for a temporary blood disorder in infants […]

  • Private Well Testing and Disclosures

    This report includes regulations WQA is aware of pertaining to state private well programs and private well testing requirements. Regulations and laws change from time to time; therefore, it is important to make sure you have the most current version of the legislation or regulations before relying on them. Nothing herein shall be interpreted as […]

  • Getting Smart with Reverse Osmosis Systems

    This booklet contains information appropriate for those who manufacture, sell, install, and maintain residential reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems. Homeowners, regulators and legislators may also find it useful. In producing this guidebook, the Water Quality Association (WQA) leveraged the advice of respected industry professionals and the latest in scientific research. The Water Quality Association’s “Getting […]

  • Getting Smart with Softeners

    Through this special publication, water treatment industry professionals are encouraged to follow a set of best practices developed by the Association pertaining to the sales, installation and maintenance of residential, self-generating water softeners. These guidelines are intended to help water treatment professionals choose efficient softener technologies and system settings, while also sizing and installing equipment […]

  • Water Treatment For Dummies: Second Edition

    Water Treatment For Dummies: Second Edition is a consumer-directed publication designed to answer common questions about the quality of water in your home or business. Under 50 pages in length, it is written in a simple, jargon-free style. The second edition of WQA’s Water Treatment for Dummies is completely revised, updated and expanded with all-new facts, […]

  • 2021 WQA Consumer Opinion Study

    The report presents the findings of a national online survey conducted by Applied Research-West, Inc. between January 5 and January 30, 2021. A total of 1,413 adults over the age of 18 and living in private households were interviewed. ARW used a random sampling procedure, and the survey results are accurate within +/-2.6 percent. The […]