Guidance for the Use of Water Softening and Onsite Wastewater Systems on Individual Properties


The use of water softening and water conditioning equipment is necessary in many American homes. Onsite or decentralized wastewater systems, commonly called septic systems, are also necessary on properties where sewers are unavailable. Both water softening/conditioning and onsite wastewater systems are commonly used together, and in the majority of these cases no problems are indicated. Yet there have been sporadic reports of issues related to the use of both kinds of equipment at some sites. Experts in both fields are working together to better understand the interactions involved between water softeners and onsite wastewater treatment systems. In the meantime the WQA and National Onsite Wastewater and Recycling Association (NOWRA) have collaborated herein to offer advice based on available knowledge. This guidance is only intended where homes are served by conventional septic tank and drainfield systems. For advanced treatment systems, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed