Magnetics Report


The content of the following report has been prepared by a special task force established by the Water Quality Association and represents the review by the members of the task force of a bibliography of scientific papers and information generally available to the public or released by the authors themselves. The views of the individual members of the task force, as well as their collective views contained in the text of the report and summaries herein, are intended solely as an aid, among others, in understanding the state of scientific research in the field of the possible effects of magnetic devices in the treatment of water. WQA recognizes that the development of science in this area is in its relative infancy and that much additional research is required for a fuller, more complete understanding of the relevant science. It, therefore, encourages readers of this report to conduct their own review of the entire body of scientific literature, including all original source materials, and to conduct or have conducted their own independent research before forming opinions or drawing conclusions regarding the efficacy of any affected technology, process, or device.