WIN Advisory Council


The Women in Industry Advisory Council will help advise members and member companies on hot topics within the female workforce pool while building enthusiasm for new women to enter the industry and participate in a broader WIN network.

Council Charges:

  1. Provides information and data regarding female workforce trends among member and industry companies.
  2. Develops insights and recommendations for training and knowledge opportunities requested by the female workforce.
  3. Collaborate with other WQA Advisory Councils to maintain and grow a mentoring model whereby professionals will gain valuable insights, make crucial industry connections, and become a force to impact the industry positively.
  4. Creates buzz and engagement for female professionals at WQA events.
  5. Recommends engagement strategies, including WQA volunteer opportunities such as task forces, committees, sections, and the board.
  6. Provides semi-annual reports to the Board of Directors.

We’re Looking For

Women in the industry and supporters of women in the industry

Passionate about finding opportunities for more women to engage in the association

Key Skills & Experience

Excellent communication skills

Relationship-building skills

Meeting Frequency

In Person:  WQA Convention & Exposition, Mid-Year Leadership Conference

Virtual: Approximately once every 3 months 

WIN Advisory Council 2023 WQA Volunteer Summit Update