WQA Business Operations Report

The new WQA Business Operations Report is now open and ready for participation with FY 2019 data!
Don't miss out -- enter your FY 2019 data by June 1, 2021, to participate in the interactive benchmarking.

To access the Business Operations reporting site, click here. 

Sign-up Instructions:

  • Dealers who plan to participate with a single location should visit the Business Operations Reporting Site and click on the option to sign-up and get started.
  • Dealerships with multiple locations who wish to participate should contact biztrends@wqa.org for sign-up assistance.

To view the site user guide, click here.

To learn more about the site, how to use the interactive tool, and the benefits your company can expect to get out of participating, watch the following recording of our Feb. 17 webinar:

Report Details:

The Business Operations Report is a powerful interactive benchmarking tool for WQA dealer members in the U.S. to measure the success of their business operations and will offer dynamic peer-to-peer aggregate comparisons in key areas, including:

  • Profitability/Financial Strength
  • Expenses and operational costs
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Compensation for key industry-specific positions
  • Employee training and benefits
  • Sales, customer satisfaction and retention

The online data reporting site is hosted and managed by Dynamic Benchmarking (an independent 3rd party vendor) in order to maintain confidentiality of company data. All data submissions and the delivery of results are protected using multiple layers of security and encryption. Data results are displayed in aggregate and require a minimum number of responses. Only users in the company account have access to the aggregated data and reports.  WQA will not have access to individual participant responses.

Participation is voluntary, and there is no fee for WQA members. Only dealers who enter their data will have access to the evaluation tools and reports. 2019 results are expected to be made available to dealer participants in Q2 2021. 2020 data collection is expected to begin Q3, 2021.

Any questions or comments regarding this report can be directed to biztrends@wqa.org.

Data Entry

  • User Guide – the user’s guide will assist users in navigating the site and will answer most of the “how-to” questions.
  • Download the Questions – download the list of questions (all questions or by section) and share this with others to assist with compiling the data needed.  Companies control any users in their account – who has access to enter, edit and view data.
  • Enter data – the site is easy to use and navigate and is accessible 24/7/365. Users can log in and out as often as they like and enter, review and edit data.  Users don’t have to complete all sections at once. 


  • Compare
    • View results to see how your company “stacks up” to all participants (in the aggregate).
    • Use the dynamic filters to view a subset of “targeted” results based on participants of similar size, staff and more.
    • View your company’s results and download personalized dynamic reports in charts and graphs and tabular formats.
  • Be Informed
    • Stay up to date with industry trends.
    • Make informed data-driven business decisions based on leading industry data. 

What are others saying about this report?
"Our water treatment industry comes with so many exciting opportunities dulled on occasion by complex challenges. I have learned the hard way at times by trying to figure it out on my own. I want to be aware of the business trends so I can proactively prepare to make necessary adjustments that will help keep our company on the cutting edge. I plan to complete the survey and I look forward to the information in the Report from WQA. I hope you plan to complete the survey as well." - Doug Ramer, Martin Water Conditioning

"I can tell you personally I plan to use this to see how my dealership stacks up against my local competitors and how I stack up against water treatment dealers throughout the country as a whole. We can make adjustments and decisions based on some of the information that we're getting here. What a great tool!" - DJ Shannahan, Sharp Water Culligan


We are excited to offer this program to our WQA member dealers that will provide meaningful and actionable data-driven insights into your business and the industry as a whole! Stay tuned to WQA for the latest updates and news regarding the report!