Water Sciences Think Tank


Empowering Innovation, Thought Leaders in the Drinking Water Treatment Industry

The Water Sciences Think Tank is designed to foster collaboration and innovation within the water treatment industry. The Think Tank is made up of esteemed subject matter experts from the residential, commercial, and industrial drinking water treatment sectors. The Think Tank operates under the auspices of the Water Quality Association, a stalwart organization committed to advancing water quality for over half a century.

Purpose and Scope

The Water Sciences Think Tank is built around a nucleus of unparalleled expertise, facilitating collaborative discussions, knowledge sharing, and innovation on various aspects of drinking water treatment. WQA members, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations are invited to submit suggested assignments or request for collaboration to the Think Tank. As a resource and advocate for the betterment of water quality, WQA will prioritize projects that promise a significant impact on the industry and its consumers.

Requests for collaboration or input can span a wide range of issues, such as:

Emerging Contaminants: Addressing the challenges posed by and help the association prepare for emerging contaminants in drinking water, including final barrier solutions to protect consumers.

Sustainability and Efficiency: Exploring ways to promote efficiency and sustainability in water treatment processes while reducing environmental impact.

Technological Advancements: Assessing the effectiveness and benefits of novel technologies.

External Stakeholder Support: Support outside groups regarding best practices for the deployment of industry technologies for water treatment solutions.

Support of other WQA Committees: Provide assistance to other committees such as Government Affairs and Professional Certification & Training as the need arises. 

The establishment of the Water Sciences Think Tank marks a significant stride towards a safer and healthier future for all. Through collaboration, innovation, and expertise, this group is committed to advancing an industry that directly impacts the well-being of communities worldwide.

For inquiries and collaboration proposals, please contact Director of Technical Affairs, Eric Yeggy (eyeggy@wqa.org).

We’re Looking For

Product engineers and design experts

Water treatment dealers experienced in dealing with local water quality issues

Other professionals with an understanding of the technical and scientific challenges faced by our industry

Key Skills & Experience

Expertise covering all the various treatment technologies and all market sectors

Working knowledge of regulatory and code requirements is useful because this committee may be asked to work in close collaboration with the WQA Government & Regulatory Affairs department on legislative issues

A passion for keeping up with the latest research, and even advancing that research

Problem-solving and technical writing skills and long term thinking grounded with a sound understanding of the business and economic needs of our industry

Water Sciences Think Tank 2023 WQA Volunteer Summit Update