‘Thinking Outside the Meter Box’ in Mid-Year talk


Mid-Year Leadership Conference keynote speaker Patrick Keaney, CEO of Subeca, an internet technology firm in the water space, is the guest on this week’s episode of WQA Radio, the weekly podcast from the Water Quality Association.

Keaney, a dynamic speaker within the water industry, will discuss innovating and disruption in our industry as he previews his address, “Thinking Outside the Meter Box.” His speech and subsequent discussion with WQA Chief Executive Officer Pauli Undesser, MWS, will highlight a luncheon event during the Mid-Year Leadership Conference Sept. 19-21 at Everline Resort & Spa, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Keaney is former Worldwide Head of Amazon AWS Water, focused on using cloud technology to solve water challenges around the world. In May, he joined Subeca, a leading provider of next generation water metering systems and partners with Amazon Sidewalk’s shared network to leverage IoT technology to provide real-time insights into water usage across entire neighborhoods.