Resource Type: Industry Report

  • Tank and Valve Report

    Water Treatment Pressure Tank & Valve Unit Shipment Reports WQA uses an independent accounting firm to collect monthly water treatment pressure tank and valve unit shipments (in the U.S. and Canada). These reports provide a portion of the total units shipped each month to capture industry trend analysis, and are made available as a member…

  • Business Operations Report

    FY 2021 Results Now Available! FY 2021 Business Operations Report results are now available for all dealers who participated in WQA’s new Business Operations Report. Companies who qualify for results will have access to question-by-question comparisons and personalized dynamic results. FY 2019 and FY 2020 Business Operations Report results are also available for all dealers…

  • 2022 Contaminant Forecast

    WQA’s Technical Affairs Director Eric Yeggy talks about his top contaminant and water treatment concerns for 2022 on WQA Radio (WQA’s weekly podcast). 

  • Trends Report: Water Quality Standards

    There is no universally adopted drinking water quality standard. Instead, these standards, primarily for water system utilities, are instituted at the national level. This report investigates the different drinking water quality standards being adopted around the world.

  • Trends Report: State Retail Food Service

    This report investigates state retail food service codes and regulations and the relation to the water treatment industry. This includes a discussion of the regulatory landscape in this sector as well as a depiction of relevant standards.

  • Trends Report: Repairability

    This report focuses on adopted or proposed regulations covering manufacturer responsibilities on repairability of products sold. There is a “right to repair” concept, which focuses on a consumer’s right to repair a product they have purchased without using the manufacturer’s repair services.

  • Trends Report: Performance Reduction Standards

    This report investigates countries we are aware of discussing performance/reduction standards requirements as it relates to drinking water treatment units through regulations or other initiatives.

  • Trends Report: Producer Responsibility

    Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) is a government policy which charges a producer with the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products. In theory, one motivation to adopt an EPR or product stewardship scheme is to incentivize material management and environmentally conscious product design to increase recycling and reuse and decrease waste.

  • Trends Report: Contact Requirements

    Food contact materials (FCMs) are materials in contact with food during processing, packaging or storage. This can include component parts in units used for drinking water. How drinking water is regulated under the definition of “food” varies by regulation. This report investigates countries we are aware of discussing food contact requirements as it relates to…

  • Trends Report: Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) market, generally devices enabled to connect to the internet, is expected to grow and encompasses conversations on data collection and personal information protection. Existing regulations set before IoT, present uncertainty on applicability to today’s data driven world. To adjust, governments are taking steps to develop new regulatory frameworks and as…