Marketing Toolkit


The Gold Seal and Sustainability Marketing Toolkit provides ideas and examples of how to effectively market the Gold Seal and Sustainability logos so that companies with certified products can leverage their certifications to sell more products.

Use the Gold Seal & Sustainability Marks

The Gold Seal and Sustainability Seal are well-known trademarks within the industry and are simple and effective ways to convey that a product is certified.

Press Releases

One key strategy is to create a press release for each new certified product. Not only will some media outlets pick up the release, but you can also display the release on your website. The example at the right shows how one company announced its Gold Seal certification.

Focus on the wants and the needs of customers, and market the appropriate certification and most relevant performance claim. For instance, if lead is getting a lot of attention in the news, highlight your products that are certified to reduce lead in drinking water.

Blog Posts

Create blog posts about your Gold Seal certified products. Search engines are always looking for fresh content. A new blog post about your Gold Seal or Sustainability certification can both inform readers and improve your Search Engine Optimization. See the example to the right.

Social Media Posts

Create social media posts to promote your certified products. To the right is one example of a WQA social media post about the value of the Gold Seal. You can create something similar for your own posts.

Website Button

If you have products certified for sustainability, talk with Samantha Barnes about being listed as one of the “Companies Taking Action for Sustainability” on our Sustainability web page. Then use the image at right for a button on your website that links to the listing. 

(This square image could also work as a Social Media post, too!)

Create Print & Digital Ads

Use the Gold Seal or Sustainability logos in print and online advertising. You can even create a Call to Action such as “Call Now” or “Free Estimate” on the ad that helps to drive traffic to your website.

Leverage the Trademark at Trade Shows

Display table tents at trade shows. This is an effective way to let convention attendees know that you offer products that have been certified through the Gold Seal or Sustainability programs.

Point to the Seal in Presentations

Include the Gold Seal or Sustainability logos in your presentations. Call attention to these marks in order to boost interest and increase credibility.