Promoting Your Certification


Congratulations on earning your Water Quality Association Professional certification! You put hard work and many hours into earning this honor, which demonstrates your extra level of dedication and professionalism. Now it’s time to share that news with your customers to give them the extra peace of mind that comes with hiring a certified professional to work in their homes.

Professional Certification Marks

As someone with a currently valid certification, you are allowed to use that certification’s logo on your website, business cards, social media posts and advertisements. Your employer is allowed to advertise your valid certification, too. Please refer to the Water Quality Association’s Professional Certification Logo Policy for details on how you may use the marks.

Artwork of your particular certification logo is available from the Water Quality Association. Email us your request.

certified water specialist logo
certified water treatment logo
certified service technician
certified installer
certified cooler technician
certified treatment designer
master water specialist logo

Where and How to Use Your Professional Certification Mark

  • On your website. Post your staff’s certification marks on your home page or as part of your “about us” message. To help your customers understand its importance, we suggest linking from the logo to this web page:

  • On your Social Media profiles. LinkedIn: go to your profile page and add your certification in the “Licenses & Certifications” section. Facebook: Go to your personal page, click on the “about” tab and then add it under the “work and education” section. Only certified individuals may use the mark in their profiles and personal pages. Employers may use the mark on company pages. 
  • On your email signature. Every time you send an email to someone or respond to a customer, you’ll be sending assurance of your Professional Certification. Only certified professionals may use the mark in their email signature.
    • Instructions on creating a signature with a logo in Outlook. 
    • Instructions on creating a signature with a logo in Gmail. 

  • On your personal business cards. Only certified professionals may use the marks on their business cards. Details on the policy are offered in our logo policy.
  • In your company’s advertising.  Again, samples and details are available in the policy.

  • On a “leave-behind” card. We have designed a two-sided card that explains the value of using certified professionals. At the bottom is a blank spot for you to add your name, certification marks, or company information. Here is an example of how it could be personalized:

Upon request, we will email you the card template in two formats:   

  • A printer-ready PDF that a local print shop could personalize and print for you on 5 x 7 card stock. 
  • PDFs (two sizes) that you could personalize yourself and print on your office copy machine.  

Share the Good News of Your Accomplishment

  • Send a news release to local media. We have a news release template for each certification – all you do is fill in the blanks! Email us for your copy.  
  • Post your news on social media. This can be as simple as taking a photo of your certificate (or a photo of you holding it) and posting that photo with a message such as, “Proud to have my hard work and skills recognized as a (INSERT CERTIFCATION), certified by the Water Quality Association. More information:”

We also can provide two graphics for posting on social media, one with your specific certification mark and one about professional certification in general (left). We’ll give you suggested messages, too. Just email us for the items and instructions on how to use them.

  • Wear a uniform patch (Certified Installers only). Email us for details.

  • Wear a lapel pin (CWS, MWS only). We are now including CWS and MWS lapel pins in our initial mailing to you. If you didn’t receive one,  or if you need another, let us know ($7 fee applies for replacement pins). 

Questions? Comments?

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