Training and Onboarding


Your Challenge

Choosing the right candidate is only half the battle – you need to be sure new employees have the education, tools, and knowledge they need from the beginning if they’re to become effective long-term team members.

Our Advice

You can’t avoid the paperwork of bringing a new person onto your team, but you can smooth the process in other important ways. If you’re a WQA Member, you can look to our guides for tips on how to best launch your new team members and a new hire checklist you can adjust for your own workplace.

Most companies have some sort of onboarding process in place. Research indicates that companies who execute a formal onboarding process with step-by-step programs have higher retention rates and happier, more satisfied employees. A formal process also increases performance and reduces turnover by providing and offering clear expectations and objectives, feedback, coaching, and follow-up.

Successful Onboarding Process Using the Four C’s


Providing the company’s policies and legal regulations, company rules and HR policies gives the new employee clear guidelines and boundaries on what is allowed and expected.


Ensuring employees know and understand compliance as well as their job title, role and responsibilities. Studies reveal that employees who have a clear understanding of their role and expectations are more likely to feel comfortable and excel.


Aiding the employee in meeting fellow employees, knowing team members, understanding the values of the company.


Fostering opportunities for interpersonal relationships and team building, and creating opportunities for the new employee to work on committees, in groups, or socially with other employees. 

Onboarding Tools

As a leader in the water industry, we offer some industry-specific onboarding tools.

Technical In-Office Staff

The Water Treatment Design Course is a training opportunity for technical in-office staff, engineers and others who want to learn the underlying science of water treatment without field work.

Sales & Marketing Staff

The Introduction to Water Contaminants & Treatment Course is an opportunity for non-technical staff engaged in sales and marketing to gain a basic understanding of common water contaminants, drinking water regulations, available water treatment technologies, product testing standards, and WQA marketing guidelines.

For more resources to help grow your business, become a WQA member for access to our full HR Toolkit (Interview Guide, New Hire Onboarding, New Hire Checklist, Disciplinary Action Procedure).