Logos & Guidelines


professional certification logo

Improve your marketability and the credibility of yourself and your business by letting customers know you are a WQA-certified water professional; proudly display the logo(s) for the WQA certification(s) you have earned. Your WQA certification(s), and proper use of the corresponding certification logo(s), indicate your dedication to improving your technical knowledge and abilities, as well as your high regard and acceptance of the Water Quality Improvement Industry Code of Ethics.

Artwork of your particular certification logo is available from the Water Quality Association. Email us your request.

Logo Policy Guidebook

To maintain the integrity of the WQA Certification Logos, WQA has created a policy governing the appropriate uses of the WQA marks. Please read this policy carefully as it contains information that protects you and the Water Quality Association from the dangers of logo misuse. By following the guidelines, you will help us preserve and protect the integrity and prestige of the WQA Certification Logos. Any deviation from these guidelines for the use of the Certification Logos has the potential to cause confusion and injure the reputation of the Water Quality Association.

The complete policy, available for download here, includes specific logo placement guidelines for printed and electronic media.  

To preserve the integrity of its trademarks and logos, WQA maintains a searchable database of companies found to be using them in an unauthorized manner: